Yellowtail Fish

Yellowtail Fish Life

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, in the large kelp forest tank, a group of fast-swimming fish stirred the top layer of the water. I was captivated by these fast swimmers, and I soon noticed that they seemed to glint with sunlight. It was difficult to observe them since they would swim away so quickly but finally I located the glints of yellow on their tails and sides.

Along with the yellow highlights, the fish have the classic color pattern of many ocean predators: darker on top and lighter on bottom. Looking down from above, the fish appear to blend into the sapphire waters of the depths. Looking up from below, the fish appear sky-colored like the lighter water above.

Yellowtail fish feed on a seafood smorgasbord, ranging from smaller fish such as sardines to crustaceans that they gobble on the ocean floor.

Yellowtail Symbolism

The yellowtail's defining characteristic is speed. They are a good symbol for anyone who seeks to become a directed and decisive traveler (opposite to my previous favorites, the jellyfish, who drift through the sea).

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