A Bird of Marsh Grass

Wrens have upturned constantly moving tails that give them a busy appearance. One of my favorite wrens is the Marsh Wren. I have been on a constant quest to get a good view of this bird. In most of my attempted sightings, I see a wren grab precariously to the top blade of a marsh grass and then plunge back down towards the muddy muck. I am left clumsily trying to focus my binoculars on a swaying piece of grass.

The Quest

My blurred sightings of marsh wrens have always taken place at Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, California (the San Francisco Bay Area). Walk across the boardwalk above the freshwater marsh to try to catch a glimpse of this active bird.


In Celtic foklore, a female wren and a male robin are symbols of devotion to one another even in death. The robin is a symbol of winter and the wren a symbol of summer. Wrens are associated with oak trees and Druids, Celtic priests.