Tide Pool Quiz

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Which tide pool animal lives in a borrowed shell?

Hermit Crab Bat Star
Limpet Sculpin

Which tide pool animal scrapes algae from rocks, making room for other animals to live?

Hermit Crab Bat Star
Limpet Sculpin

How does a bat star usually move?

By somersaulting By pushing water through tube feet
By swimming By drifting on the waves

What is the shape of a limpet?

Dome Star
Spiral Sphere

Which tide pool animal has the same name as a submarine?

Hermit Crab Bat Star
Limpet Sculpin

Sculpins match the color of the rocks around them. A color pattern that matches the surroundings is an example of ____________.

Predator Algae
Being an impostor Camouflage

Which example does not represent adapting to the changes in tides in a tide pool?

A limpet traps water inside its shell to avoid drying out A starfish loses an arm to confuse a predator
A sculpin buries into the mud A starfish moves to a deeper pool

Which tide pool animal may contribute to a cure for cancer?

Hermit Crab Bat Star
Limpet Sculpin

If you see a snail shell moving rapidly in a tide pool, you are probably observing which tide pool animal?

Hermit Crab Bat Star
Limpet Sculpin

Which statement is true about starfish?

They are soft like pillows They live in shallow, exposed tide pools
Their arms have light-sensing eyes At low tides, they bury in the mud

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Which tide pool animal do you like better? Starfish Hermit Crab

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