What Animal or Plant Are You?

Answer four mysterious questions to find out what animal or plant, all featured on our website, that you most resemble. The answers to these questions reflect the unique symbolism of each animal or plant. Perhaps the animal or plant revealed to you could become your own personal symbol.

Questions to Reveal Your Animal or Plant Nature

1) Which seasons do you prefer?

  Spring/summer Fall/winter

2) Which color do you like better?

  Red Purple

3) Which quality better describes you?

  Wanderer Homebody

4) Which group of scenes do you find most beautiful?

  Group One
A crocus emerges in a snowy meadow;
A coastal path leads to a hidden tide pool;
Tiny yellow flowers cover a desert in April
Group Two
Blue waves come to rest on a warm beach;
A soft breeze blows through palms;
Deep green pine trees grow on a mountain

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Designed and written by Sherry Weaver Smith, last modified 2/2004.