The Rose-Scented Geranium in Our Garden

The New Year in Our Garden

In the brutal heat of last July, one of our rose-scented geraniums began losing leaves. Soon only a few leaves survived clinging to twisted red stems. The plant lines the side of our garden path. Just across the path, there is another geranium. This one has lush leaves, all giving off the scent of roses, because the plant benefits from the shade of the fence in the afternoon. That shade does not reach the troubled geranium, leafless due to the misfortune of where we planted it.

For months, the plant did not regain many leaves. I tried pruning the boisterous lemon verbena near it, so that it would have more water, and just more room to prosper.

As the rains have come, my daughter and I have not visited the garden as much, but we did go out to hang a Christmas bird feeder.

I went to check the rose-scented geranium, and I saw that it is entering the New Year of 2007 with new hope. One large stem branches out into a few smaller stems, and all have leaves. A stem on the other side has also grown leaves.

So I take this small garden event as a good sign for 2007. Happy New Year to all of this website's visitors.

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