Cheerful Heralds of Spring

Just after snowdrops and crocuses, daffodils are one of the earliest bloomers of spring. A hillside covered with daffodils is one of my favorite sights. Daffodils are native to Britain and other countries of Europe. Short, shy daffodils grow on the damp floors of forests while more outgoing varieties decorate meadows and hillsides. Garden varieties of daffodils are hardy and reliable plants.

Happy Spring!

To me, daffodils remind me of the coming of spring and cheer me up. Below are all the ways that daffodils inspire. Daffodils:

  • Serve as the National Flower of Wales
  • Symbolize affection and often appear on hand-carved lovespoons, a traditional craft of Wales
  • Are often worn on March 1st, St. David's Day, in Wales. A 6th Century monk, it is said that St. David established a monastery on a promontory surrounded on two sides by the sea. He believed in compassion and was a vegetarian. Depictions of St. David show him standing on a hill (appropriate for Wales) and sheltering a dove, a symbol of peace, on his shoulder.