You are a Yew Tree!

Yew trees are spooky. You can often find them in graveyards where they live for more than 400 years. If you walk inside the branches of the yew tree, it is like being in a cave. The roots of the yew tree grow outward and at the end of the roots, new stems grow up. In this way, the tree gets wider and wider, creeping outward through time. The yew tree is evergreen, never losing its leaves all at one time.

The leaves of the yew tree are thin like needles.

In Scottish and Irish folktales, the yew tree is an evening tree that represents long life. People believed that the age of the world was equal to three times the lifespan of the yew tree. Hunters used yew wood to make bows for archery.

In the old Irish alphabet called Ogham, the letter for a yew tree was a vertical line with five horizontal lines going across. This shape was easy to carve on stone or wood.

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