You are a Willow Tree!

The willow is a moon tree, because its leaves shine like silver in the moonlight. Willows usually grow along streams and rivers, so if you like listening to the sound of water moving, you would like to stand next to a willow. Some special willows live in the treeless and cold area of the arctic tundra where they grow as small shrubs.

Willow leaves are narrow. On each branch, the leaves are alternate. They are not located directly across from each other.

In Scottish and Irish folktales, people gave willow wands to mothers to protect their newborn babies. They thought that the willow wands would protect the babies. In real life, willows contain a special ingredient called salicin that is part of what makes up aspirin.

In the old Irish alphabet called Ogham, the letter for a willow tree was a vertical line with four horizontal lines sticking out to the right. This shape was easy to carve on stone or wood.

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