You are an Oak Tree!

Oaks all have acorns, nuts surrounded by wooden cups. In the Western United States, oak trees live in sunny places on rocky slopes and hills.

Native Americans would eat acorn mush after washing and grinding them to get rid of the bitter taste.

Squirrels are well-known for eating acorns, but not so well-known is the fact that they intelligently choose to either eat or store acorns. Some acorns start growing in the fall; the squirrels eat those first. They store the ones that won’t start growing until the spring, and they eat those during the winter.

Did you know that there is a squirrel bird? The acorn woodpecker, just like squirrels, collects acorns to eat during the winter.

Acorns are a good clue that a tree is an oak tree, but the leaves are unique too. The leaves of the oak tree usually have complicated shapes. They look like puzzle pieces.

In Scottish and Irish folktales, an oak tree saved a small fox. A fox pursued by hunters ran to an oak tree, and oak tree spirits helped to hide her. Noticing that her paw was hurt, the oak tree spirits guided her to a small pool of water that healed her foot.

In the old Irish alphabet called Ogham, the letter for an oak tree was a vertical line with two horizontal lines sticking out to the left. This shape was easy to carve on stone or wood.

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