You are a Hazel Tree!

If you walk through a forest in the fall and look at hollow logs, you might find a whole pile of hazel nuts inside, left there by busy chipmunks.

The leaves of the hazel tree are simple. There is only one leaf blade attached to the stalk.

In an Irish folktale, nine magical hazel trees live around a well of water. Salmon swim around and around in the well while waiting for hazelnuts to fall from the tree. The fish become wise if they eat the nuts, and anyone fisherman who eats the fish also gains the gift of wi/home/users/web/b1160/apo.sherr2/ntom.

In the old Irish alphabet called Ogham, the letter for a hazel tree was a vertical line with four horizontal lines sticking out to the left. This shape was easy to carve on stone or wood.

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