Cone Shells

Cone Shell Geometry

When you find a shell on the sand, the sea has actually tossed you a small cathedral. Words associated with cathedrals and boats describe the geometry of shells.

Two small cone shells that I found on Boracay Island in the Philippines illustrate nature's artistry. This artistry is so detailed that it is evident in two sculptures under 3 cm tall.

The definition of cone shells revolves around their geometric characteristics.

A Quest for Cone Shells

I found these two cone shells on Boracay Island in the Philippines about 12 years ago. When I brought them out today, I noticed that in the orange shell, there are small pebbles and sand. So I have literally brought both the earth and the sea of the Philippines home with me, ready for discovery more than a decade later.

The Philippine archipelago supports the largest and most diverse group of cone shells in the world. They live in rocks, sand, and amongst coral.

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