About the Buckwheat Plants

As my family and I were hiking in Morro Bay, California State Park on the Portola trail, we came across buckwheat plants. They were decorated with chapparal like snow on pine trees. I remembered in a book I read that it said that buckwheat were a prominent part in the costal scrub community. I was very surprised to see how the flowers on the buckwheat plant were very small.

The buckwheats we saw had an apple-blossom color and white petals. The plant had 6 pink stamens with three styles.

Buckwheat plants grow in compound inflorescences which makes the viewer say it is very round and button shaped.

A Quest for Buckwheat

Buckwheat are common along bluffs, dunes and dune flats behind the dunes from Monterey County to San Diego County. If you are planning to find some buckwheat plants, they are normally woody-based shrubs that are two-three feet high. You also should look for a plant with chaparral on the Portola Trail in Morro Bay, California.

We found the buckwheat plants quite frequently along the trail. I thought that the buckwheat plants were pretty amazing plants.

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