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Celtic and Nature Advent Calendar

Photo by Sherry Smith, San Ramon, CA, 11/2002.

The Christmas countdown is here! Learn about Celtic and natural symbols and traditions of Christmas in my daily Celtic and Nature Advent Calendar. Many days include fun and meaningful activities for you and your family.

More Christmas Features

Twelve Days of Christmas Activities: Christmas fun for you and your children
Christmas Tree of Life: All the flora and fauna featured this year
Advent Poems: Concrete, shape poems inspired by Christmas

The Wolf and the Shield: My Children's Book

The Wolf and the Shield

Read how an eleven-year-old boy, Kieran, saves a wolf pup from hunters, a drowning river, a mysterious animal, and more--all with the help of his friend, Ida--and Saint Patrick!

December's Quote

"And when I thought there was no God and no love and no mercy, you were leading me all the while into the midst of his love and his mercy and taking me, without my knowing anything about it, to the house that would hide me in the secret of his face."

-- Thomas Merton's prayer to Mary

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